Rally Italia Sardegna 2017 from 8 to 11 June ++Events Alghero++

Rally Italia Sardegna 2017 will be based in Alghero in the week from 5th to 11th of June. But on the night of the 8th of June the night Park Fermè will be in Olbia.

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    Rally Italia Sardegna 2017


Rally Italia Sardegna 2017 will be the seventh round of the FIA World Rally Championship (WRC). The Italian stage of the World Rally Championship will take place for the 14th consecutive time in Sardinia and will involve the whole north of the island, crossing the provinces of Sassari and Olbia-Tempio.
Alghero will be the main location of the international event, hosting the service park between the marina's docks, the "ramblas" of the Bousquets walk and the Piazzale della Pace, while the headquarters and the race direction will reside in the historic building of Lu Qualté. The night Parc Fermé and the Podium where the ceremonies of opening and closing of the event will be celebrated, including the final prize, will be held in Calata Sassari and its Bastions.
The 2017 edition of Rally Italia Sardegna will also return to Olbia, with the night Parc Fermé housed in the Molo Brin (Brin pier) at the end of the first day, on the night of June 8th.

From the sporting point of view, Rally Italia Sardegna 2017 will consist of 19 Special Stages and 321 timed kilometers, on a total length of almost 1500 kilometers.
The opening of the Rally Office and of the Administrative Checks will take place on Monday, June 5th, while on Tuesday 6th and Wednesday 7th the Reconnaissance of the routes will take place. Official exits of the cars will start in the morning of June 8th with the spectacular shakedown in Olmedo (SD OLMEDO - MONTE BARANTA), where pilots can try and fine-tune their cars, and in the afternoon at 18 in Ittiri with the Opening Super Stage of 2 km (SSS 1 ITTIRI ARENA SHOW).
At the end, the competitors will reach around 20:30 the Parc Fermé located in Olbia at Molo Brin (Brin pier).

From Olbia at 6:30 on Friday June 9th, the first stage of Rally Italia Sardegna 2017 will start. 4 special stages, repeated twice in the course of the whole day for a total of 8 special stages, which will take place in the areas of Monte Acuto, Logudoro and Anglona with the special tests of Terranova, Monte Olia, Tula and Tergu-Osilo. Day 1 will end in the evening in Alghero at around 19:43.
Stage two of Rally Italia Sardegna 2017 on Saturday June 10th will consist of 6 special stages. The day will be the longest and toughest of the rally, and will see the cars racing in the stages of Coiluna-Loelle, of Monti di Alà, and in the classic special stage of Monte Lerno. After a first pass in the morning and the stop in the Alghero service park, the same tests will be repeated in the afternoon. The end of the Day two, with the return to Alghero, will take place at around 19:14.
On June 11th will take place the final leg of Rally Italia Sardegna 2017, with 4 special stages consisting of two loops on Cala Flumini and two loops in the final Power Stage of Sassari-Argentiera. The closing power stage, scheduled at 12:18, will be broadcasted live from 12 o'clock on TV on FOX Sports and Sportitalia.
The grand finale of the event, with the podium for the award of the winner of Rally Italia Sardegna 2017, will be held in front of the harbour of Alghero at around 13:45.

For the hardship of its dirt roads and the spectacular nature of its landscapes, Rally Italia Sardegna is now considered an event not to be missed by enthusiasts of this discipline.
Visiting the web page about Alghero you can find the available solutions for staying in Sardinia during the event.